Jgreen Showcase

A Business setting of Old World Charm, with some devine Inspiration

Exquisite. A single word that eloquently describes the classic artistry that went into to every detail of J Green Jewelers salon. It’s a business setting with a Venetian influence that speaks of old world charm and master craftsmen. Green supervised every detail from the walls of Venetian plaster in the client conference rooms to every imported Italian tile and handmade brick, and finally to the barreled coper ceilings and copper panel inlays on the display cases.

“Whether you’re a first time buyer or an experienced collector, we want our clients to be completely at ease. Our private show rooms allow us to focus on one customer at a time, or give them complete privacy. We want the experience to be relaxing and fun, as well as give them the attention they deserve,” adds Green. The private show salons are sound-proofed, superbly decorated in keeping with the Venetian theme.

Before ever laying eyes on the lavish collections of precious gems, the experience of just walking through the salon’s cast iron Cantera doors will take your breathe away.

The moment you walk in your eyes are drawn upward to feast upon an original work of art by Sir Walter deCremieux (November 23, 1936- December 6, 2009) entitled, “The Pearl Maidens.” Like the early 14th century Italian frescos, it’s a work of art definitely derived from divine inspiration.

Our former master designer for J Green Jewelers started his early days on Wall Street working in New York City. After leaving Wall Street, he worked as lead designer for the celebrated costume jewelry firm, Albert Weiss & Company, where he was credited numerous times in Vogue magazine for his talent. From there he designed for one of the world’s most famous jewelers, which he was too modest to reveal. He went on to create award-winning designs which were chosen by Bergdorf Goodman, The Franklin Mint, and other nationally known companies. Shortly thereafter he began featuring his artful jewelry designs at J Green Jewelers, where he designed hundreds of works of beautiful jewelry from his glass enclosed studio. He left a legacy of love and friendship at J Green.